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Begonnen von Peiresc, 12. Januar 2017, 13:49:20

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Auch die Diskussion ist beachtenswert. Die Cranks fluten die Wissenschaft. Eine Replik finde ich besonders gut und wiederverwendbar:

ZitatI want to make it abundantly clear that my reason for rejecting without reading your book has absolutely nothing to do with the number of studies you have included in it. I am doing so because here you have managed to get wrong significant details of the studies that have been mentioned. You have demonstrated here on this thread that your assessment of research studies cannot be trusted. On that basis, I conclude that your book is likely to be made up of more of the same untrustworthy reasoning and so won't waste my time on it.


Die Sache verdichtet sich.


In the email Wednesday night to members of the Waterkeepers Alliance, which Kennedy leads, he provided additional details on the vaccine commission and suggested Trump has a stronger lever of interest than previously reported.
Kennedy said Trump had "reached out to me through intermediaries" on Dec. 4, leading to detailed discussions with the transition team on the role and composition of the commission. After his meeting with Trump and staff, he agreed to chair the commission for a year, Kennedy said. However, he said he's still waiting "to see the transition team's detailed proposal before making my commitment final."

Aber leicht hat er es sich nicht gemacht, der Herr Kennedy, mit seiner Zusage. Sie wissen ja, der Herr Trump mit seinen Ansichten ... aber schließlich: er war es der Wissenschaft und seinem Lande schuldig.
ZitatKennedy agonized over the decision, he said, because of his political differences with Trump. But "the complete lack of other credible leaders on this particular issue makes my decision necessary."
(Meine Hervorhebung - glaube ich sofort.)


Noch mehr Hintergrund.
As for Trump, Kennedy said, he "has some doubts about the current vaccine policies and he has questions about it." He added: "His opinion doesn't matter but the science does matter and we ought to be reading the science and we ought to be debating the science. And that everybody ought to be able to be assured that the vaccines that we have—he's very pro-vaccine, as am I—but they're as safe as they possibly can be."

For those not steeped in the language of vaccine debates, Kennedy was using a familiar canard: that he's not anti-vaccine, but rather pro-vaccine safety. In reality, all scientists are for safe vaccines. What Kennedy's comment really means is that he is unwilling to accept the scientific evidence showing that today's vaccines are already as safe as they possibly can be.

Welche Folgen das haben kann:
But there are other ways that he might influence vaccine policy. Offit notes two federal programs that are essential to public health: the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP), which provides compensation for injuries that a vaccine may have caused, and the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program, which ensures that all children have access to vaccines regardless of socioeconomic or insurance status. Both were created by Congress, NVICP in 1986 and VFC in 1993, and would therefore need to be dismantled by Congress. But Trump's party currently controls both houses of Congress.

"If you disrupt NVICP, that would be deadly," Offit says. Doing so would mean individuals could sue pharmaceutical companies in civil court. Last time this was possible, in the 1980s, seven of eight drug companies making pertussis vaccine stopped, leading to skyrocketing costs of vaccines and nearly triggering a public health crisis. "The amount they were spending in civil court to defend themselves from lawsuits was exceeding the amount they could make from vaccines," Offit says, noting that only four companies make vaccines today. "We were about to lose the pertussis vaccine for children because of civil litigation." That could happen again, Offit says.
Paul Offit ist nebenbei ein scharfer und brillianter Kritiker der Paramedizin.


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Max P

Wenn das wenigstens Trumps Wahlchancen schmälern würde. ::)