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Begonnen von Peiresc, 13. November 2016, 20:28:34

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Anne Applebaum von TheAtlantic konstatiert den rasend schwindenden Einfluss Amerikas in der Welt. Zumindest auf der Propaganda-Ebene. Eine neue Qualität ist erreicht:
ZitatQuotations from the president's astonishing April 23 press conference have appeared on every continent, via countless television channels, radio stations, magazines, and websites, in hundreds of thousands of variations and dozens of languages—often accompanied by warnings, in case someone was fooled, not to drink disinfectant or bleach. In years past, many of these outlets presumably published articles critical of this or that aspect of U.S. foreign policy, blaming one U.S. president or another. But the kind of coverage we see now is something new. This time, people are not attacking the president of the United States. They are laughing at him. Beppe Severgnini, one of Italy's best-known columnists, told me that while Italians feel enormous empathy for Americans who have suffered as they have, they feel differently about Trump: "In this time of darkness and depression, he keeps us entertained."
Sie bringt zahlreiche Beispiele für die groteske Abdankung der einstigen Führungsmacht. Auch ein Joe Biden hätte Jahre zu tun, das wieder aufzuholen.

Sie schließt:
ZitatAnd if Trump wins a second term? Any nation can make a mistake once, elect a bad leader once. But if Americans choose Trump again, that will send a clear message: We are no longer a serious nation. We are as ignorant as our thoughtless, narcissistic, ignorant president. Don't be surprised if the rest of the world takes note of that, too.


ZitatPresident Trump has complained to advisers about the way coronavirus deaths are being calculated, suggesting the real numbers are actually lower — and a number of his senior aides share this view, according to sources with direct knowledge.

What's next: A senior administration official said he expects the president to begin publicly questioning the death toll as it closes in on his predictions for the final death count and damages him politically.

voter fraud war gestern. Jetzt kommt death count fraud.

In der Medizin ist die Anzahl der Todesfälle das härteste Maß, an dem das Outcome gemessen werden kann. Dagegen sind Arbeitslosenzahlen, Wirtschaftswachstum usw. weiche Ziele.


ZitatPresident Donald Trump on Wednesday said his administration will urge the Supreme Court to overturn Obamacare, maintaining its all-out legal assault on the health care law amid a pandemic that will drive millions of more Americans to depend on its coverage.
Eins muss man ihm lassen. Wenn schon parallele Wahnwelt, dann konsequent - dagegen war Honecker ein Weichei.

Selbst der Klerikalfaschist Barr kriegt da kalte Füße:
ZitatThe administration appears to be doubling down on its legal strategy, even after Attorney General Bill Barr this week warned top Trump officials about the political ramifications of undermining the health care safety net during the coronavirus emergency.

Oder sollte man vielleicht fanatisch statt konsequent sagen?


Zitat von: Peiresc am 05. Mai 2020, 20:34:50
ZitatWhite House signals it will wind down coronavirus task force

Das ist kein dummer Witz, sondern blutiger, tödlicher Ernst.

Inzwischen hat der Präsident gesagt, er wusste ja nicht, dass diese Task Force von den Leuten so geliebt wird. Die Meldung finde ich jetzt nicht wieder, aber ich gebe sie nach dem erinnerten Wortlaut wieder, no sarcasm intended.


Burr und Loeffler (#5330, #5331) sind übrigens weiterhin Senatoren. Ja natürlich hatte Burr geheime Briefings, und natürlich hat er seine Aktien rechtzeitig abgestoßen, aber das beides hatte nichts miteinander zu tun, wie kommt die Öffentlichkeit nur auf diese seltsame Idee. Sie lesen einfach nur die Zeitung und wissen, was zu tun ist:
ZitatBurr's brother-in-law sold stock on same day as senator in lead-up to crisis


ZitatA set of detailed documents created by the nation's top disease investigators meant to give step-by-step advice to local leaders deciding when and how to reopen public places such as mass transit, day care centers and restaurants during the still-raging pandemic has been shelved by the Trump administration.

ZitatHush you doctors, hush reporters
Hush you science nerds


Zitat von: Peiresc am 07. Mai 2020, 10:54:09
ZitatA set of detailed documents created by the nation's top disease investigators meant to give step-by-step advice to local leaders deciding when and how to reopen public places such as mass transit, day care centers and restaurants during the still-raging pandemic has been shelved by the Trump administration.

ZitatHush you doctors, hush reporters
Hush you science nerds

Ich erkenne ein Handlungsmuster: tue stets das Gegenteil dessen, was sinnvoll wäre.
The universe is under NO obligation to make sense to us
(Neil deGrasse Tyson)


ZitatThe top prosecutor in the case against former national security adviser Michael Flynn withdrew abruptly and without explanation, a development that comes amid mounting pressure by President Donald Trump and his allies to have the entire matter thrown out of court.

Brandon Van Grack, one of special counsel Robert Mueller's top investigators, informed Judge Emmet Sullivan that he would be quitting the case in a terse, one-sentence filing with the court.

Länger ist die Meldung nicht.

Fox News vor 3 Tagen hier.


AP Exclusive: Justice Dept dropping Flynn's criminal case
7 minutes ago


ZitatMichael R. Bromwich [former DOJ IG; Asst US Attorney, SDNY; Assoc. Independent Counsel, Iran-Contra; independent monitor; law enforcement consultant]:

I have been in and around DOJ since 1983.  I have never seen a case dropped after someone has pled guilty and the underlying facts demonstrate beyond any shadow of a doubt he is guilty.  This is simply a pardon by another name. A black day in DOJ history.


ZitatREPORTER: How will history look back on your decision to drop charges against Flynn?

BILL BARR: "Well, history is written by the winners. So it largely depends on who's writing the history."

Er hat es nicht nötig, nach Ausflüchten zu suchen.


ZitatEric Garland

Declassified House Intel Transcripts! TREASONWEASELPALOOZA, BABY!

I'm starting with Kushner AND LET'S SEE WHERE IT TAKES US!

ZitatChris Vickery
Alexander Nix confirms under oath that Cambridge Analytica reached out to Wikileaks looking for copies of the hacked emails prior to Wikileaks publishing them.

US House Committee investigation transcript:


First Putin sent Trump ventilators, now Trump is sending Putin ventilators. I'm starting to wonder if these PR stunts are part of some money-laundering scheme...



Ein Tag im Justizministerium, irgendwann im Jahr 2017
ZitatAs the executive orders and other requests for the office's approval piled up, many of them of dubious legality, one of Newland's supervisors took to saying, "We're just following orders." He said it without irony, as a way of reminding everyone, "We work for the president." He said it once to Newland, and when she gave him a look he added, "I know that's what the Nazis said, but we're not Nazis."

"The president has said that some of them are very fine people," Newland reminded him.

"Attorney General Sessions never said that," the supervisor replied. "Steve never said that, and I've never said that. We're not Nazis." That she could still have such an exchange with a supervisor seemed in itself like a reason not to leave.
Lang ist's her. Erica Newland hat das Justizministerium inzwischen verlassen. Bedrückende Story. Die Geschichten von McCabe und von Yovanovitch werden rekapituliert, unter dem Gesichtspunkt des Systemversagens. 

ZitatMore than 1,000 scientists have left the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Agriculture, and other agencies, according to The Washington Post. Almost 80 percent of employees at the National Institute of Food and Agriculture have quit. The Labor Department has made deep cuts in the number of safety inspectors, and worker deaths nationwide have increased dramatically, while recalls of unsafe consumer products have dropped off. When passing laws and changing regulations prove onerous, the Trump administration simply guts the government of expertise so that basic functions wither away, the well-connected feed on the remains, and the survivors keep their heads down, until the day comes when they face the same choice as McCabe and Yovanovitch: do Trump's dirty work or be destroyed.

Four years is an emergency. Eight years is a permanent condition. "Things can hold together to the end of the first term, but after that, things fall apart," Malinowski said. "People start leaving in droves. It's one thing to commit four years of your life to the institution in the hope that you can be there for its restoration. It's another to commit eight years. I can't even wrap my head around what that would be like."


Zitat von: Nogro am 01. Mai 2020, 18:33:27
Zitat von: PeterPancake am 01. Mai 2020, 17:42:43
Der Vergleich zu Deutschland drängt sich für mich auf. Die Vorstellung Gefälligkeiten vom Bundestag jeweils an die Parteizugehörigkeit der Länder festzumachen ist abstrus.
ZitatBundesverkehrsminister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) will 500 Millionen Euro in ein Forschungszentrum zur Mobilität der Zukunft investieren. Dort sollen Antworten darauf gefunden werden, "wie sich Menschen in Zukunft fortbewegen wollen und wie Waren transportiert werden", sagte Scheuer der Zeitung Münchener Merkur. Zu dem Projekt soll ein Forschungszentrum mit Werkstätten gehören, ein Praxiscampus und mehrere Lehrstühle. Das Geld soll aus dem Bundeshaushalt kommen.
Der Standort für das Projekt soll in München sein.

Da habe ich doch glatt die CSU vergessen. Ich versuche es ein wenig zu präzisieren. Als in Hamburg die Sturmflut 1962 war und rasch Hilfe nötig war. Einfach nur die Vorstellung der Bundestag hätte nein gesagt, weil es an der Parteizugehörigkeit hängt wäre katastrophal für die politische Landschaft, aber in den USA geht sowas.

Puerto Rico ist kein US-Bundesstaat und es wird eh von Demokraten regiert. Die brauchen keine Hilfe ist sowieso ein shithole-country und es sind keine Weißen. Darum ist die USA zurzeit politisch verbrannt. Die Trumpansen treiben den Pflock immer weiter in die Kerbe.

Ansonsten das Postengeschacher ist generell zu hinterfragen. Gab es da nicht vor ein paar Jahren in Bayern einen CSU-Landtagsabgeordneten der mit Vetternwirtschaft sich bereichert hat.


Inzwischen ist das Virus von zwei Seiten bereits im west wing WH auf dem Vormarsch.