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Krise in der Ukraine

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Begonnen von RPGNo1, 18. Februar 2022, 18:04:53

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Man kann das Pferd zum Wasser führen, aber nicht machen, dass es trinkt.


ZitatVolodymyr Zelenskyy / Володимир Зеленський

Over the last week, Russian terrorists used nearly 130 "Shahed" drones against Ukraine; fortunately, we were able to intercept the vast majority of them. More than 80 Russian missiles and nearly 700 guided aerial bombs were also used.

Rhetoric does not protect skies. Thoughts do not limit the production of terrorist missiles and drones.

The fact that sanctions against Russia can still be circumvented, as well as the fact that we in Ukraine have been waiting months for the vital assistance package and are still waiting for a vote in the U.S. Congress, indicate that terrorists' self-confidence is also growing by the month.

There is no more time to waste. Wherever life is threatened by terror, it must be protected through real action. Every effort must be made to prevent the evil of war from spreading throughout the world, whether in Europe, the Middle East, or elsewhere.

I am grateful to everyone who realizes this. Everyone who can save lives must do so. Everyone who has the ability to limit the potential for terror must do so.

Ukraine, the Middle East, and the rest of the world all equally deserve just and reliable peace.