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Begonnen von eLender, 13. April 2017, 11:08:02

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Zitat von: Peiresc am 18. Mai 2017, 18:45:53
Zitat von: Alu-Verkleidung am 18. Mai 2017, 15:32:17
Wasser besteht aus Atomen-> Teilchen.
Nimmt man als Ausgangspunkt das Higgs-Boson [...]
Kann sein, keine Ahnung. Besteht Wasser nun nicht mehr aus Molekülen, nur weil man inzwischen Fermionen und Bosonen kennt? Ist die Chemie, die ,,Physik der Atomhülle", hinfällig, weil man inzwischen subatomare Teilchen kennt?

Dazu noch, gerade eben aufgeschnappt:
ZitatHowever that may be, it is worth while to observe that the modern doctrines as to minute phenomena have no bearing upon anything that is of practical importance. Visible motions, and indeed all motions that make any difference to anybody, involve such large numbers of atoms that they come well within the scope of the old laws. To write a poem or commit a murder (reverting to our previous illustration), it is necessary to move an appreciable mass of ink or lead. The electrons composing the ink may be dancing freely around their little ballroom, but the ballroom as a whole is moving according to the old laws of physics, and this alone is what concerns the poet and his publisher. The modern doctrines, therefore, have no appreciable bearing upon any of those problems of human interest with which the theologian is concerned.

Bertrand Russell: Why I Am Not a Christian. New York 1957, S. 39
[dieser Aufsatz, Has Religion Made Useful Contributions to Civilization?, zuerst publiziert 1930]