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Autor Thema: my first impression of esowatch is that the science here deserves explanation  (Gelesen 2187 mal)


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"Willkommen auf dem Wiki der irrationalen Überzeugungssysteme"

Interesting...I may have just figured it out.

Ja, es scheint dass "Esowatch" ein irrationalies Überzeugungssystem ist.

Can one make the argument that failure to distinguish between belief and fact makes one irrational? If so, then this blog is irrational.

Can you explain the science behind your beliefs?
Do you find calling certain "Überzeugungssysteme" irrational without an explanation of your grounds scientifically sound?


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Yes, we can !


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  • Erkenntnis ist ein dreischneidiges Schwert
Why dont you just state which of your favourite ideas (homeopathy, MMS, 9/11 ..) we trampeled upon?


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