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Skyway Capital Scam

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Begonnen von Belbo, 18. August 2018, 11:49:11

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Part 4 Skypods Skyway Scam

ZitatPART 4/4 – The Bait-and-Switch Operation

As the companies responsible for collecting funds, these companies sell to small investors various investment products. So you might ask yourself, what type of people does SkyWay attract to sell their worthless products?

Basically anyone can, anywhere in the world; they just have to be a good sales person able to convince gullible people to part with their money.

They use motivated sales techniques at recruitment and sales meetings held at various places all around the world to inform them about a great, new green technology which will change the world.

They make various outlandish claims about this technology and the possibilities that investing in it will give you. These lies run the whole gamut of the MLM-spiel: you only have a limited time to invest in the project, you will regain your investment a thousand times, you will escape the life you're unhappy with at present etc.

These lies are spun across the internet and social media by unqualified 'financial experts' who work for the Skyway company.

The rest of the work is done by a dedicated staff of network marketers who post elaborated misinformation to create an aura of legitimacy for the company to its unwitting 'downline'.

No matter which company you think you are dealing with – SWIG or Skyway Capital or companies which seem entirely made up like 'Unisky Corporation' or 'RSW Investment Group', the operation at present involves a bait-and-switch operation they are currently applying a new high-tech marketing name to: multilevel crowdinvesting.

You attend a meeting or visit their website, and are convinced to pay them money for 'Education Investment Packages' which is supposedly financial information helping you to obtain wealth.

You'd think you'd get a book, or a series of lectures of something that could conceivably be mistaken for education.

Well you don't get any such thing. Like the OneCoin scam, they are using this as a cover to sell you illegal investment products in the guise of 'education'.

What actually happens to the money you pay them? Half of it goes to the salesperson pretending to be a broker but who is entirely unqualified to sell investment products.

The other half enriches the mother company who automatically sends you the 'pre-IPO private equity shares' – which it calls 'PIPES'. But remember, it hasn't actually sold you these pre-IPO investment products.

No, they give you them for free as a bonus! You've paid for education but lucky you – you've ended up with worthless shares for a company that will never go public. Ever.

Now, various SkyWay shell companies have at various times attempted to sell fraudulent shares directly to the public, but they stopped even trying this when the financial crimes unit in Lithuania (FNTT) investigated them as part of its three year long lasting investigation of the illegal sale of shares to Lithuanian citizens which finally ended in December 2018.

Since then various companies have tried different techniques including the sale of gift certificates, promisory notes or 'convertible notes' which I assume all refer to some type of Convertible Bonds which SkyWay has not registered anywhere to sell legally.

They idea is that not being able to sell you shares, they'll sell you something that sounds equally good but you may well not be familiar with.

Whatever SkyWay representatives tell you they are selling you, and whichever carefully constructed language they try to couch their sales pitch in, SkyWay and anyone operating under its name are unqualified to sell you anything.

They have not legally registered to sell their investment products anywhere. Just check with your local regulatory agency. You will discover that not only have they not registered, but the following countries have actually released or shared warnings about SkyWay activities: Belgium, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Indonesia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia and Sweden.

Italy and Germany have also prohibited against the sale of shares to Italian and German citizens; Italy actually banned the sale of EIPS and took down websites.

The same bait-and-switch technique is used to sell 'CryptoUnits' which you unwittingly end up with as a gift after paying for education to help you amass wealth.

Just check the opening of this discussion to be reminded of how absolutely lacking in financial value these CRUs actually are.

You can hear Rita Ashin spouting in detail this dubious financial mumbo-jumbo here: nolink://

Remember all she has to do is convince you that by donating money to the company (which she will receive half of) you will actually become a co-owner of SkyWay who miraculously gift you company shares after paying for education.

She actually suggests that these company shares the company gave you for free will be worth at least one US dollar (but possibly 5, 10 or 20 dollars) when the company is listed on the stock exchange. This claim is almost too ridiculous for words.

She goes on to tell every other fiction about SkyWay countries where they have hundreds of millions of dollars in signed pre-order contracts as well as encouraging you to register your children for the be the lucky owners of SkyWay 'CryptoUnits'. I kid you not.


Will be exciting when Kerem Cengiz, and his LWK+PARTNERS, realize that Skyway or skypod is nothing but a pompous scam. Hopefully fast, there are five other projects in Dubai on it, and a good reputation is quickly playful.

ZitatArchitect behind Dubai's six new public realm projects revealed

ZitatThe approved designs and the support structure systems, they said, complement Dubai's streetscape without adversely impacting the skyline.

No strings anymore?  :'(


Zitat von: Belbo am 26. Juni 2019, 17:21:51
Will be exciting when Kerem Cengiz, and his LWK+PARTNERS

Die haben wohl auch eher nicht so viel Erfahrung im Bau von Hängebahnen.
The best thing about science is that it works - even if you don't believe in it.


Zitat von: celsus am 26. Juni 2019, 18:04:14
Zitat von: Belbo am 26. Juni 2019, 17:21:51
Will be exciting when Kerem Cengiz, and his LWK+PARTNERS

Die haben wohl auch eher nicht so viel Erfahrung im Bau von Hängebahnen.

Die werden sich erstmal auf die Angaben der RTA verlassen , und darauf hin ein paar schicke Animationen abgeliefert haben. Die Skypods haben ja so gar nichts mehr mit den Tupperdosen zu tun.
Der Chef hat ja schon einen gewissen Zeitdruck angedeutet, d.h. das böse Erwachen für Unitsky wird früher als erwartet kommen, wenn dann echte Statiker und Verkehrsplaner sich mal seinen Phantasiekonstruktionen annehmen. Statiker sind da furchtbar humorlos. Bei den angedeuteten Spannweiten hängen da schnell mal 50 Gondeln zwischen den Stützen von denen einige beschleunigen, abbremsen......, wie lange Umsteigezeiten plant man ein .... usw. usw....


Say it in english :-)

They probably don't have that much experience in building monorails.

They'll rely on the RTA's information for now, and have delivered some fancy animations. The Skypods have nothing to do with the Tuppercans anymore.
The boss has already indicated a certain time pressure, i.e. the evil awakening for Unitsky will come earlier than expected, when real structural engineers and traffic planners will take care of his fantasy constructions. Structural engineers are terribly humorless. With the indicated span widths there hang fast times 50 gondolas between the supports of which some accelerate, brake........, how long changing times one plans a .... etc. etc.....

Translated with


We remember after forty years:

Not a single meter of "string
Never two Tupper cans at the same time on one track
Never faster than 40 km/h
Not a single order

But many unemployed designers with imagination:


Media release
MR No. 2019 – 41
21 August 2019

The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) is reiterating its warning that Skyway Capital may be involved in a scam, after learning the business is continuing to conduct seminars throughout the North Island.

Skyway Capital is also known as Skyway Group and has most recently branded itself 'SWIG' (Skyway International Group).

The FMA first issued a warning in relation to Skyway and its associated entities on 12 July 2018 and reissued the warning in July 2019.

All entities associated with SkyWay are not registered as financial service providers in New Zealand and therefore not permitted to provide financial services or products to New Zealand residents.

It is understood that SWIG has been promoting the sale of investments including education packages that include a component of cryptocurrency (tokens) associated with SkyWay. The business has promoted itself on social media and held seminars in Auckland, Palmerston North, Rotorua, and other provincial areas.

The FMA understands that Skyway has been focusing on New Zealand consumers, in particular, the Pasifika community.

The FMA advises consumers to only deal with businesses or people that have been granted a licence or have been authorised by the FMA. This means free dispute resolution services are accessible if things go wrong


ZitatFinancial Markets Authority warns New Zealanders to 'stay away' from SkyWay Invest Group scheme

ZitatA controversial scheme promising "the chance to be a millionaire" is gaining traction, despite a warning from the Financial Markets Authority (FMA).
The SkyWay Invest Group (SWIG) has been holding seminars around New Zealand selling educational packages - with cryptocurrency as a bonus gift.
Newshub reporter Karen Rutherford managed to get into their invite-only regional conference at a secret location on Saturday.

A controversial scheme promising "the chance to be a millionaire" is gaining traction, despite a warning from the Financial Markets Authority (FMA).
The SkyWay Invest Group (SWIG) has been holding seminars around New Zealand selling educational packages - with cryptocurrency as a bonus gift.
Newshub reporter Karen Rutherford managed to get into their invite-only regional conference at a secret location on Saturday.
Mark Hotchin and Eric Watson buy share in slice of Fijian paradise
Sir John Key being used in fake NZ Herald bitcoin article
Affinity fraud: How to avoid being scammed by a friend
They call it the new 'Economic Evolution of the World', and promise it will help you make money in your sleep.
The man they call 'the General', NZ head Neil Morrison, says "it's the ability to have the dreams you've always wanted".
The FMA has now issued two warnings about the organisation and its associated businesses after Belgium, Lithuania and Estonia did the same.
But SWIG is continuing to pull in the punters.
At SWIG's biggest gathering yet in Auckland, around 200 people met to hear how $53 US dollars could one day make them a million.
SWIG leaders stress they do not sell shares or investment deals, but educational packages.
The packages start at $53 US dollars, and it's claimed they'll help the user better themselves and make sensible financial choices.
When you sign up to study online, you win a bonus gift of cryptocurrency.
The claim is, with that cryptocurrency, people can become co-owners in global infrastructure like Skyway's next-gen EcoTechnoPark in Belarus. Or a diamond mine, gold mine, or a resort in Phuket.
People at the conference were convinced it would make them rich.
"You want to be a millionaire? That is the main reason we need to get into this, to get away from poverty," one person told Newshub.
The company stresses at each session it is not a registered broker or advisor and suggests getting independent financial advice.
But the FMA says beware. While cryptocurrency is not illegal, there are no regulations around it here yet.

"We are warning people to stay away from SkyWay Capital and all of the SkyWay group,"  Financial Markets Authority spokesperson Andrew Park told Newshub.
"Regulators in several European countries have also issued warnings."
There is an evangelical feel to these meetings. One SWIG leader told the crowds the Russian man behind the programme is "a saviour" and a gift from heaven changing lives.
When the Auckland crowd of 200 people was asked how many had jobs, just three put up their hands.
But Neil Morrison denies the FMA's concerns that SWIG is focussing on those who can least afford it. A former New Zealand softballer, Morrison said he didn't have clearance to talk to Newshub about the educational packages or the cryptocurrency.
He maintains the FMA has got it wrong, and no one's even contacted SWIG which will, he claims, launch on global stock exchanges in October.


Lying baron Unitsky has once again been interviewed by his court jester. Because of all the hummus, it's probably only now that you get to test whether the doors of the Tupper cans open and close. 
This is the automatic translation of Vimeo......, the red additions are from me :grins2:

Court Jester (HN): Hello, Anatoli Eduardowitsch. I am very happy to welcome you in your homeland, Belarus. You have just returned from the United Arab Emirates. You don't show up much at home anymore. We report every day on what is happening in the Emirates. But we would also like to know how things are going here. There is a Yuni bus here. As long as we are here, it drives constantly. Why?

Lying baron (LB): He drives to bring together thousands or hundreds of thousands of kilometers. We test him in a certain mode according to a fixed program. You see: It opens the doors. We test the opening and closing of the doors. If the doors weren't certified then Well, as long as the humus at least ripens We want to know how it does it in any weather, rain or snow. We control leaks etc.. Then the acceleration and driving at normal speed. Here the speed is 60 Km/h. The video shows a Tupperdose in extended step speed. The route is short. The vehicle does not drive to the end. It makes no sense to develop a high speed here. Nevertheless, we tested this Yuni bus at 103 Km/h. But the route is so short that such a trip is critical. So we have to keep our distance. We will try out high speeds in the Emirates. Where the route is even shorter with 400 m and the construction time has almost doubled Now he drives with the speed of more than 60 km/h. Unfortunately you don't only see our heroes staring in a certain direction acceleration, normal speed, braking, opening, and closing doors - to check all systems.
HN: - A resource test?
LB: Yes. Not only for the wheels, the drive, and the chassis, but also for all aggregates. Including the door systems for opening and closing. We understand slowly, the doors can actually be opened AND closed.
HN: Thank you very much! Since you have just mentioned the Emirates, please tell us in a few words about how things are going there.
LB *laughs*: We are actively working there. I often hear the question: - Why so long? Honestly, I don't understand this question. We started building there in January or even February. If the liar no longer remembers his lies from last year, the start of construction April 2018/ later then October 2018[/color] n a foreign country, with different legislation and with different requirements. We have to do there with a different approach to work etc. Here, for example, we have a construction site and we build. There we cannot build ourselves. We need a general contractor. We are not allowed to work with him directly, but through a consultant. It is another company. It advises and coordinates all the drawings. Not you, but a consultant. This is new and unusual for us. What's more, neither the contractor nor the subcontractor nor the consultant is familiar with rail-bound rope transport. They don't understand what that is. You haven't built anything like this yet. Some say that we have been building our wooden house for too long. You could build a skyscraper in this time. As far as I know, a first skyscraper was built for more than a year. But this happened 100 years ago. At present one builds more quickly. You have experience and finally, the construction technology has become much simpler today. Formwork, piles, floors. And again formwork, piles, floors. Glazing and finishing. Technical communications. And that's it - the skyscraper is finished. There's a one-story wooden barrack, two steel columns and two two-story concrete boxes much, much more elaborate The market doesn't know what we're building. And the wooden house is the first of its kind in the Emirates. Once again lied Just think about it: A first house in the country in which wooden houses may not be built. Do you think it was easy to get a building permit for it? Probably the safety distance from all around about 5 km to other buildings was too small
HN: I don't think the building permit was an easy thing and it certainly didn't go overnight.
LB: Yes. We started the construction and complications occurred. Think of the fire department, the Ministry of Extraordinary Situations and such authorities. The fire department told us: - You will not get a permit from us. In order for your house to meet our requirements, you must cover it on all sides with a concrete layer of thirty centimeters. This means 30 cm on one side of the wooden house and 30 cm on the other. Only then can the house be put into operation. Of course, we do not want to build such a house, let alone put it into operation. But we will build it, in any case. It will go faster than a year. We must not compare a building or a skyscraper with a new route. It is like a bridge or an elevated railway. Can you give many examples if a bridge with a length of 400 meters (that's how long our line is supposed to be there) was built faster than in a year? hundreds I don't know such examples. Maybe there were exceptions in the war? Well, that's not long. Some people think: The shorter the distance, the faster the construction. No. That's not true. It doesn't work like that: You stretch a rope, hang up a box, it goes off and the project is finished. Yes We have to build two anchor beams that are loaded with several hundred tons, in the desert, in the sand. We have to reinforce the sand, build the foundation, etc. Yes, and you knew all that before the broken promises It's not just about the anchor beams, but about the stations. Two complete stations with floors. They intercept the loads with all the systems that are necessary for a station. floors, of course, nobody could expect that This includes the air and air conditioning technology (it's very warm there), a glass elevator, a nice design because we expect important delegations to visit there. Of course, we want to show SkyWay in all its glory. Warm? the desert?, of course, nobody could expect that There are several subcontractors working on our property. These are the conditions under which we work and progress. There are difficulties for which SkyWay cannot be held responsible. I mean the objective reasons. The climatic conditions must also be taken into account. We are not used to working at high air temperatures (50 degrees in the shade). In the sun it is even warmer. Can you imagine that? Warm? the desert?, of course, nobody could expect that, and then even colder in the shade than in the sun The law forbids working there during the day in summer. So only the morning and the evening remain for work. You are not allowed to work in three shifts, nor on weekends. It is forbidden. Here, with us, we can work in three shifts, even on weekends, if necessary. That is why I believe that the opinion that we build slowly and are behind schedule is not objective. We do not understand the situation. We weld the reinforcement for better strength, also in the structure of the route. Welding is done with special tungsten electrodes. There are special process techniques etc. In the Emirates, we have not found any welders among our contractors who would have had the right level of qualification. That is why our welders, who built our lines, went there. They weld there. We had them welded there. It absolutely met our requirements. But it didn't meet their requirements. The X-ray test showed that tungsten came out of the electrode and into the seam when the arc was ignited, producing small tungsten inclusions. The American regulations in the seam, for example, do not permit this. There is building supervision, and regulations to which one must adhere? Scandal! They believe that there will be corrosion in the course of time. This leads to damage and ruins the weld. By the way, it does that also in Belarus... Our standards allow it. Could we know that? yes, of course Of course not. We had to rework the constructions. And other things, you don't tell everything. But we learn and gain experience. After that, it will be easier for us to build. We are planning an addressed project. ...the two-hundredth? Only we know how to work there. Others don't know that. And we will again be the first of the whole planet.
HN: All this helps us to be ahead of everything and to know how to build there. We've done our homework. What about the construction of the second rigid track in EcoTechnoPark?  Let's go there!

* the two comedians goof off *
LB: It is already the sixth route. It is produced according to the standards for the United Arab Emirates. After two years, Mat has already dealt with the standards there?    For their speed determinations and their loads. Our heaviest vehicle, the Yuni-Cont, is operated here. It weighs 52 tons and transports containers, including those with 40 feet. That will probably result in dead There are also trains with several wagons. They carry up to 300 passengers. And all this is tested here. Auweia The technology we manufacture here is of course tested before it is delivered to the Emirates, it has to prove a certain mileage. ...suddenly there are no other climatic conditions in the Emirates anymore? There will be an anchor carrier, which will also be a station. Here the estimated temperature and tension load of the ropes is 1450 tons.
HN: I.e. almost twice as much as on this one.
LB: Yes. But there will also be a more serious *rofl* route here. A stronger route that can handle very heavy loads. Here is a maximum of 10 tons, there 52 tons. Therefore the rails and ropes will be stronger, the construction itself will be higher. What has only become of the graceful over 5 kilometers self-supporting strings, filled with miracle concrete? The spans are somewhat smaller here - 48 meters, there 50 meters. Now we have interrupted the work because there is an order for the improved construction of the route structure. The additional requirements for what we are building in the Emirates have become known to us. We have to take that into account. We have made some changes to the route, including welding. So, of course, the components have changed. Also the steel, the solid steel, the rolled steel and so on. Therefore we will order now and build this line in the same time as planned. So we will build it even faster, although we interrupt it temporarily. Because technology will be simplified. And we will build cheaper, oddly enough. Yepp Because these clarifications lower the price significantly. Desswegen the Berlin airport 2036 will cost just another Euro, because of the many clarifications This heavy route will not be cheap. It is more expensive than the previous route. For example, we will save about two million dollars per kilometer - with many orders - just because we have made these changes. What a shameless lyier Of course we have included these changes and additions in the documentation of the Innovation Center in Sharjah. We interrupted the construction there just as briefly in order to ultimately build faster and for less money. It's the investors' money, we have to use it sparingly and effectively. We find solutions that reduce costs, simplify technology, accelerate construction and ultimately reduce the share of costs. If the profitable part of the project remains constant, then the revenues from the project will increase, profitability will increase and the dividends for our investors, for our shareholders, will increase. They want us to do everything right and well. Without a rush, no matter how the main thing is that it drives. If we build without thinking, nobody will buy our product. We do it thoroughly because we are dealing with a serious market. We must not be worse than Boeing, Toyota, Ford, and other well-known brands. A brand like "Saporoschez" is not our standard. I think the "Saporoschez" is a good car, but the brand is disreputable. If I take these circumstances into account, I can say that we are well on schedule. Someone must have lost track of his stage goals, how long does the thirteenth stage take now, almost two years?
HN: What is the future for investors and investments?
LB: Everything is going according to plan here as well. You have to bear in mind the difficulties we have had to overcome in recent years, including force majeure in Lithuania. Our investors know that. The financing is going well. Our successes have led to the arrival of large investors. We have a tradition of setting up a statue when an investor has invested more than one million. Currently, another sculpture is being erected in honor of such an investor. It complements the existing sculpture group with four investors. He is a modest person and asks not to mention his name. This is a collective picture of our investors. He is not watering the tree, but EcoSpace, a sign of Spaceway space technology. SkyWay is a first step in the implementation of the global and ambitious program that is very important for mankind: the relocation of the industry into space. By the way, this investor is very active in this work.
HN: May I take this opportunity to ask you a question that I hear particularly frequently? Does this mean that access to the parent company will soon be completed?
LB: Yes. Perhaps. I don't give a date. It is very likely that it will happen. But it is too early to speak of a date. It depends on many factors. It depends on how we finish the construction site in Sharjah, how the demonstration goes and what our partners will think about it. Unfortunately, they sometimes see things differently. I mean, among other things, our investment process. So many factors. One thing is certain: we will make it, without a doubt and relatively quickly.
HN: I hope we won't have any problems with investors like this.
LB: Not really. This is a collective picture of hundreds of thousands of investors participating in our SkyWay project. This is another million or billions of investors who will choose our Spaceway project. This investor supports us, especially through the UN, in organizing cooperation on this project.
*the previously visible, a terribly kitschy statue of a man watering a space station with a watering can now be seen in close-up*

HN: Subscribe to our YouTube channel; see more news on our official website. Support our project! You should not be irritated by the involvement of the investors we've been talking about today. Your support is very important to us. And your stupidity and especially your _money, money, money... Build SkyWay, save the planet!

Translated with

The court jester:


Can anyone tell them that the skypods are a big scam? #Angel #Tesorero #sharijah #dubai #skypod #skyway #khaleejtimes


From "behind mlm"

What is the track record of the CEO of SkyWay Capital, Evgeny Kudryashov, who seems to deliver Yunitski most of the SkyWay's finances via SkyWay Capital?
This guy has set up a webpage back in 2013 with various scams, from which he profited. He has deleted the webpage once these scams busted, but someone backed them up in the internet archive and thus we can still peek into his history:
The site is in Russian, so we need to use google translate to read it. We can check where we should have invested money back in 2013 according to Mr. Kudryashov. He has suggested scam Macro Capital and likely earned referral income from this scam:
He has also advertised MMCIS, which is another company that ended very infamously:
There were 5 more very suspicious suggestions on his webpage where to invest money even at this single point of time.
I don't think that any legit company would gather capital via people with a track record like this.


Another nice Article about the skyway scam.

If you are interested in earning with any sort of MLM whether it is in crypto space or not investigating is very easy.
First in crypto space ensure a coin or token legitimately exists. If not there is a serious problem as an MLM should not exist before the currency or token itself exists.

Next find out whether the program has separated joining the program from the actual sale of the products.
Finally, find out if there are sales taking place that justify the earnings. If there are no sales of products taking place to people not part of the program, it is absolutely a scam.



ZitatScamgirl Alena Pepina, and the new rules of SWiG, skyway, NEEW:

Dear partners, earlier we announced the need for informational silence in relation to the group of companies and SkyWay string transport due to the rapid development in the Middle East. The successful implementation of the global transport project and its debut on the international market also depends on our conscious approach to the current events!
??We forbid our partners to:
Publish in personal accounts of social networks, public groups, forums and any other resources, as well as use drawings, illustrations, images, photos and videos with images of SkyWay string transport objects and track structure in presentations, use symbols, logos, photos of official SkyWay representatives, including photos of the author of the technology – Anatoly Eduardovich Yunitsky.
Give a personal assessment of current events related to SkyWay technology and provide it as official information.
It is forbidden to disseminate information that does not have official confirmation (except for that published on our official resources and resources of the SkyWay group of companies).
??We urgently demand:
In the very near future, remove all previously published information that could cause reputational harm to the SkyWay group of companies from your personal Internet resources, especially all information about the development of technology in the United Arab Emirates.
in order to avoid misunderstandings, do not enter into debates, do not comment on posts and news related to the development of SkyWay technology in public groups of social networks and forums on the Internet.
Presentations should be held in accordance with the logic of the New Economic Evolution of the World (NEEM).
??Do not use the names of the SkyWay and SWIG group of companies:
Instead of "SkyWay" – "Innovative transport technologies";
Instead of "SWIG" – "NEEW group of companies";
Instead of "SWIG PA" – "TNG PA" (Transnet group).
??Violation of this prohibition will be regarded as willful sabotage! Accounts of violators will be blocked without the right to recover.
We value the reputation of our strategic partner and are fully invested in the faster implementation of the innovative transport technology around the world!
In connection with these events, as well as in connection with the expansion of our activities, new areas of business cooperation and access to new market segments with a new audience, we inform you that we will rebrand our group of companies from November 20!


Behind MLM about the war between Skyway and NEEW / SWIG

ZitatIt's official; the Skyway Capital Ponzi brand is toxic.

ZitatGrab your popcorn folks. Sounds like this Ponzi implosion is just getting started...

:Popcorn: :Popcorn: :Popcorn: :Popcorn: :Popcorn: :Popcorn: :Popcorn: :Popcorn: :Popcorn: :Popcorn: :Popcorn:


Müssen jetzt die Regulierungs- und Aufsichtsbehörden all ihre Warnungen umschreiben?
The best thing about science is that it works - even if you don't believe in it.