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Skyway Capital Scam

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Begonnen von Belbo, 18. August 2018, 11:49:11

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SKYWAY it's scammers, the financial pyramid. They are creators of a grandiose financial pyramid, which is covered up by high technologies. They already robbed investors 3 times: 2008 (Dubno, Russia), 2011 (Australia), 2013 (Lithuania).
A number of European countries officially announced Skyway a financial pyramid and warn their citizens to buy "shares."

The Central Bank of Lithuania:

Central Bank of the Czech Republic:

Central Bank of Latvia:

The Central Bank of Belgium:

Here are listed all countries where Skyway is equated to the financial pyramid:
United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia, Switzerland, Jersey, France, Luxembourg, Poland, Spain

Bei Allmystery geklaut  :grins2:


DIUT-DEUTSCH-PERSONAL-Schafs-Vieh(R) und erfahrenes Naturwesen nach UN-Kater


Why "Sky Way" , "Sky Pod" is a scam:

In my opinion, SkyWay Capital is using a recruiting scam to take peoples money.  They use valueless shares in a unprofitable Pre-IPO company to sucker people into this scam. You purchase shares and get a cut of the purchased shares of people you recruit. The director of SkyWay Capital has a long history of promoting scams like MMM. SkyWay Capital is one more of these scams. I don't know of too many legitimate investments that run their business out of a Mail Boxes Etc. and use Ponzi pimps as their directors.  I would not invest my money in the SkyWay Capital scam.


A new Video from Ethan Vanderbuilt about the "Sky Way" - "Sky Pod" - Scam in Dubai, sharijah and arround the World


The Skywayscam in one sentence.

What Skyway promises is not realizable, what Skyway can realize is not for sale.



What Skyway promises is not realizable, what Skyway can realize is not saleable.


The FSMA actually with a new warning  17.5.2019

ZitatThe Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) warns the public against the activities of First SkyWay Invest Group Limited ('SkyWay Capital'), a company that offers investment instruments to the public in Belgium.

Despite its previous warning, the FSMA continues to receive questions from consumers about Skyway Capital, indicating that this company is still active in Belgium.

SkyWay Capital, is offering its shares to Belgian investors. However, it is doing so without having published a prospectus approved by the FSMA. The company in question is therefore not allowed to offer its shares in Belgium.

Moreover, the scheme proposed by SkyWay Capital exhibits the characteristics of a pyramid scheme. More information about this form of fraud is available on the website of the FSMA.

Various foreign supervisory authorities have likewise published warnings about Skyway Capital:

The Lithuanian supervisory authority (Bank of Lithuania (link is external));
The German supervisory authority (BaFin (link is external));
The New Zealand supervisory authority (FMA (link is external));
The Greek supervisory authority (HCMC (link is external));
The Slovakian supervisory authority (NBS (link is external));
The Italian supervisory authority (Consob (link is external)).
The FSMA therefore advises against responding to any public offers of investment instruments issued by Skyway Capital or persons connected with that company and against transferring money to any account number it might mention.

Would you like to enquire more generally as to whether a proposed transaction complies with the financial legislation? If so, please use the search engine on the FSMA website. Feel free to contact the FSMA directly via the consumer contact form.


An online petition is currently underway calling on the Belarusian government to exert pressure on the free press and prevent critical reporting. An open letter from Yunitsky spreads the corresponding wild conspiracy theories.

Probably another action to divert attention from the fact that

- nothing that Skyway has ever produced has even remotely fulfilled Skyway's promises
- despite the promises of billions in preliminary contracts that have been made for years, there is not a single paid contract
- in Sharjah for one month at the latest, a demonstration track was supposed to transport people, the 400m Bimmelbahn is built instead but is still not finished. rumoredly because the stupid camel drivers are too stupid the "anchor stations" to properly execute.
- the "IPO" was officially postponed to "at the earliest in four years" (well-intentioned).

Translated with


The Dubai Department of Transport RTA signed the next MoU with a transport company. One does not seem to be so completely convinced of one's own Skypods.

Zitat"The signing of this MoU with a leading company in the field of suspended transport systems, such as skyTran, is a milestone in RTA's efforts to introduce advanced technologies and innovative services in the field of public transport. It will enhance the integration of public transport systems, which in turn will boost the economic growth, attract more investments and improve the standard of living in Dubai," he added.

"We are excited to sign this MoU with RTA and play an active role in realising RTA's ambitious projects and initiatives in the field of public transport. It will also support the Government drive to rank Dubai as the smartest and happiest city in the world," said John Cole, CEO of skyTran.

He commended the tremendous achievements and vital projects accomplished by RTA over few years, rendering Dubai as a global icon. "RTA's public transport network is amongst the most advanced systems worldwide, and Dubai can boast of infrastructure of roads, bridges and tunnels second to none worldwide," he noted.

This MoU is a practical manifestation of Dubai Self-Driving Transport Strategy aimed at converting 25% of total mobility journeys in Dubai into driverless journeys by 2030.


Behind MLM, a nice site to discuss the skyway scam. Maybe the RTA in dubai should also have a Look on it.


A nice coment from Roslyn at "Behind MLM":

ZitatExcellent points Zachar, you know so much about this particular scheme and what you are saying all makes sense. I enjoy your insight.

As we discussed earlier upthread, I'd love to know how much of the top of the pyramid actually has trust and belief in the project and who knows it's an elaborate cover for an investment scam.

I occasionally watch some of the recruiting cult like videos shared social media (from the likes of the high ups Andrew etc) feeling contemptuous (and at times just sniggering at the preposterous nature of claims), but in some way knowing they themselves could also be idiotic duped victims, who believe it's a legitimate way of earning, is somewhat more comforting than thinking they are paid employees of Skyway and who know there is no projects and know they are actively deceiving other people.


I`m just stealing from "Behind MLM" Thanks to Zachar who makes a very good job.


I'd like to note here that I'm not attempting to pass judgement on people who chose to invest their money in this company or any other scam.

I'm sharing this information in the belief that there are people who want to be informed either before or after investing. I've divided this complex discussion into parts and it could be that it gets removed for being too long or off topic.

If this happens you can always request any individual section from me personally. I encourage anyone to post any additional information they find.

PART 1/4 – The Mother Company

How does the SkyWay offshore empire work that results in small investors being sold worthless shares? I've tried to include here only information based on reliable sources but please correct me if I miss out or misrepresent any of this information.

There is a mother company operated from a central location in a Belarusian office complex: Strunnye Technologii ZAO, registered in Minsk. It is also referred to in SkyWay promotion as "String Technologies Co." but this company doesn't actually exist.

They are not permitted to sell shares of the mother company to the general public because it is not a PLC. To do this, they created offshore companies which are not limited by national regulation.

The Business Insider Italia article ATTACCÀTI AL TRAM ('attacking the tram') by Andrea Sparaciari suggests that after the scientific world rejected Yunitskiy's technology in 2008 as unviable and unsafe, all traditional forms of funding were closed to him so he got the idea of creating offshore companies to fund his projects.

No longer relying on the traditional channels of banks and large scale investment, the SkyWay Group regularly milk the growing market of gullible people sitting at home looking for investment opportunities.

They certainly got into bed with a whole range of people with a background in network marketing, boiler room telemarketing and internet scams.

The SkyWay marketing machine which is still very much active today has grown from a network of criminals and scammers who have a lot of experience promoting misinformation.



Part 2


ZitatPART 2/4 – GTI and ERSSH

The major company SkyWay mentions in all its documentation is 'Global Transport Investment Inc.'

(GTI) actually registered at a postal address in the British Virgin Islands. This company supposedly owns Yunitskiy's intellectual property which they have inflated to having a value of 400 billion dollars.

Yunitskiy has been documented in court as not being able to explain how or why this made up sum was transferred to an offshore location, but the most likely answer is that the company has no value outside of any actual physical assets it owns but it's easier to obfuscate the actual value of a worthless company if it is outside the restrictions of regulatory authorities.

I'll repeat it here: no verified, reliable source apart from a dubious Moscow consulting agency and legal companies employed by SkyWay have suggested that Yunitskiy's intellectual property is worth a cent.

All patents and official certification has been questioned as being either not up to date or entirely fraudulent.

Also registered in the British Virgin Islands are companies like "Euroasian Rail Skyway Systems Holding Ltd." (ERSSH) SkyWay group companies have claimed at various times to sell the shares of companies like this, but no investment products associated with this company can be sold to the general public.

The colorful pieces of paper that SkyWay issued at various times in the past have this company name on them, but they are in themselves entirely meaningless and are recognized by no authorized regulatory agency in any country.

If you happen to have ended up with these share certificates I can tell you now that you won't be able to sell them unless you manage to make someone else believe they are worth something, i.e. you could always try to scam other people.

Just follow the example of the wide range of motivated investors and guest speakers who are today selling illegal SkyWay investment products by pretending to promote SkyWay technology: Andrew Hawkes (Queensland, Australia), Neil Morrison (New Zealand), Andrew Twelftree (Adelaide, Australia), Anete Martinson (London), Armands Murniecks (London), Alina Pepina (London), Mila Serdjukova (London), Patricia Uytterhoeven (the Netherlands), Herman Vertez (Brussels, Belgium), Kristiaan Van Den Vijver (Antwerp, Belgium)...


Part 3

ZitatPART 3/4 – The Fund Raisers

In addition to the mother company, GTI and ERSSH companies, there are other shell companies and subsidiaries which are responsible for the specific purpose of raising funds for the mother company.

These companies are known under a variety of different names like "RSW Investment Group Ltd.", "Skyway Capital Ltd.", "Sky Way Invest Group" and "SWIG International Ltd." and sometimes even people working for them confuse the names.

The fact is that that these shell companies exist only on paper. They are further unconnected to their postal addresses in the British Virgin Islands, Saint Lucia and London.

In any case, Andrei Khovratov claims to have negotiated with Yunitskiy to create the "Sky Way Invest Group" conglomerate. Although there is a company called SWIG International Ltd. registered in London with a postal address there, there is no actual association between Khovratov and this company.

There is also no actual company called "Sky Way Invest Group" or "RSW Investment Group Ltd." registered anywhere despite them often flashing a registration number for this company and Khovratov being associated with this company group extensively in SkyWay promotion.

Evgeny Kudryashov directs SkyWay Capital Ltd. which although registered in Saint Lucia actually has had a postal address in London but is directed from wherever Kudryashov actually lives in Russia (probably Moscow, where he apparently studied).

He has a shady history in pyramid marketing, being one of the figures responsible for the MMM Ponzi scheme.

The company registered in London "First Skyway Invest Group Limited" (see the FSMA warning) is associated with Skyway Capital and is probably responsible for the white washing of funds that end up in Skyway Capital Ltd. offshore accounts.

Khovratov has also been associated with various scams in his past, and delivered various legal threats to Russian journalists who have questioned the actual existence of the companies he represents and the dubious infrastructure projects they ruthlessly telemarketed from boiler rooms in Samara and the Crimea.

This is documented in the Russian 'Volga News' and the Crimean 'Primechaniya' internet portals in various verified articles.

Nonetheless you can find, photos and videos of Yunitskiy across the internet signing documents and discussing his revolutionary technology with both of these men.

He is quite willing to collaborate with them and take the money they raise.