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KPP by Rosch Inovations

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A new articcle  about Roosch, the KPP, Detlef Dohmen, GAIA , Stirling Allen........, now in english

ZitatIn cooperation with ROSCH holding the GAIA-Society is offering workshops in which a so-called kinetic power plant can be built up with an alleged continuous net power output of 5 – 6 kW.

However, this is physically impossible (see explanation below).

Neither is there a patent for such a type of power plant (for perpetual motion no patents are granted), nor is there a proven working prototype. Although ROSCH is claiming on its website that such a prototype had already been built in Belgrade, I could not even find the address of Rosch Tech d.o.o., Grge Andrijanovica ulica 3, br.14bc in 11000 Beograd Srbija using Google Maps.

GAIA demands for a participation in the workshop a deposit of 2,400 euros and the commitment to pay the total cost of 12,000 euros afterwards. However, these costs do not include local installation, nor inverter to connect the plant to the household wiring, nor battery, and so on.

How the system works, is only explained in a very simple manner. It is NOT explained why it is thought to function at all, since all principles of physical knowledge are contradicted.

This small website was created so that possible participants in this workshop are able to better assess risks that they incur when they get involved in this project.


Noch ein Zitat aus dem verlinkten, englischen Text.

Mal schauen ob das auch die Leser von Sterling Allan auf der PESN- Seite erreicht.


The following simple calculation – which is at all the more plausible one because of its simplicity (any high school student should be able to reproduce it easily) – was sent to me by Gerhard Daniel Kadisch via email. It has only been slightly reformulated and completed by myself.

GAIA states that the space required for the plant is approximately an area of 0.5 x 0.5 m and a height of 5 m. Excluding any walls of or transport elements this results in a total water volume of 0.5 m * 0.5 m * 5 m = 1.25 m3.

The available space for the buoyancy containers is only half of this volume (in the other half the filled containers fall back down). This results in 1,25 / 2 = 0.625 m3. Since the volume cannot of course be fully used (the containers are rounded and are mounted with a little distance from each other), one can approximately guess that the usable volume for the buoyancy process is only about 0.5 m3. The maximum lifting force is thus 500 kg (it corresponds to the weight of the volume of water displaced, namely the weight of 0.5 m3 of water). In the videos of GAIA and ROSCH can be seen that the containers move at a speed of about 15 cm per second (= 0.15 m/s).

If you want to yield a power of 5 kW (as was promised for the "power plant"), then you need to calculate as follows: You need to move a mass of 500 kg (equivalent to 0.5 m3 of water) continuously at a speed of 1 m/s against gravity to the top of the tank!

In order to raise 500 kg within a second to 1 m height, one needs an output of 500 kg * 9.81 m/s2 * 1 m/s = 4905 Nm/s = 4905 W. So this corresponds almost exactly to the guaranteed value of 5 kW.

(Note: The value of 9.81 m/s2 is to overcome gravity.)

In our case the 500 kg only move at a speed of 0.15 m/s upwards ... i.e. one receives
500 kg * 9.81 m/s2 * 0.15 m / s = 735.75 watts of mechanical power at maximum which is available for the generator to produce electricity.

Well, now the obvious things: So far I have neglected that blowing the air into the containers by a compressor does not require any energy ... To hell with GAIA! Where should this energy come from then when we already receive less energy than promised ??!

In addition, the adopted dimensions of the system are idealized, i.e. they are clearly rounded up in favor of GAIA. Also, no friction or heat losses were considered that are far from negligible!

Conclusion of this impressively simple calculus: This "power plant" can never ever produce the promised output power!!!


English summary of the Process against Wolfgang Süß on KeelyNet News

Zitat02/20/17 - KPP Rosch Innovations: The saga continues
Basically the Rosch people are trying to challenge a critic who called their free energy claims a scam. It may back fire on them as the Judge has called upon an expert independent witness. Gaia who also took deposits and in some cases full payment for the devices have never received a working product. They have only ever seen a working prototype in the Rosch headquarters (surprise, surprise surprise)

According to a post by Matt: The saga still continues...Two days ago there was part two of the trial against Wolfgang Süß. This time there were present two Rosch CEOs in person, Detlef Dohmen and Mr. Gaedke. Wolfgang had as witnesses three people from GAIA, Roberto Reuter, Christoph Beiser and Horst Burgstaller.

As you might remember, GAIA had been seriously fu**ed by Rosch with their 5kW Aukw. The trial was kind of funny. Dohmen was sweating like crazy when being asked, and his attorney felt the urge to remind the judge regularly that it's not Rosch who is accused.

When he was asked if there were any existing "KPPs" (Kinetic Power Plants) he said, yes, two 5MW plants are up and running. The question about where those plants are he answered with "somewhere on this planet". Why doesn't he say where exactly? He does not want his customers to be bothered with visitors. Nonsense as usual.

One statement from GAIA's Christoph Beiser, the so called technical director of GAIA, was "all we know is that it works inside the Rosch building, but it does not work in our premises". Again there was no decision, part three will be happening on April 4th, when the expert will have done the examination. This time he was there but just listened to what was being said by either party.


And Revolution-Green

In a "running process" usually not too much is propagated, while the procedure moves, er, runs ... or something similar.
So it is also with the evil Wolf. But a few words were still allowed him for this chronicle. Yesterday, 3 witnesses were invited and they have, in my opinion, truthfully exclaimed. The Evil Wolf has excused those who have regarded him as a sort of "arch enemy" for so long, and whom he has not really "sweetened" the so-called hopeful life of the community. Roberto Reuter, Horst Burgstaller and Christoph Beiser have yesterday announced truthfully. The wolf does not care if someone is "for" or "against" him. Let the truth come to light. That and only that is important to him.
For this he even accepted to sit on the "wrong" side of the courtroom.
And for the first time the Evil Wolf has also passed the face of face to the CEO of Save the Planet AG. And one of the managing directors of ROSCH Innovations Deutschland GmbH.
When the chairman of the board was asked how many plants were already delivered, he replied: Two. When asked where they were, he did not want to call the places. All he could get out of him was, "You are on this planet."
This so hopeful company, which wants to solve all the energy problems of humanity, hides its products. They wanted to "protect" their own customers. Before the evil wolf.
This really has to be a really bad wolf, this evil wolf ... how can one get as an inventor his Nobelpreis, if one must hide his inventions from mankind?
The deadline for the third negotiating round was set for April 4 at 10 o'clock . Either again in the same room as yesterday (room 114) or in one of the completely new halls, which are just before completion. At this time, the report of the expert appointed by the court, who was present yesterday in the courtroom, should also be available.