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English "style" of Esowatch Wiki

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Begonnen von EsoTypo, 22. November 2010, 00:22:50

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Until now we used to write British English (more or less  ;D). What do the new authors and our guests think?


Is it that important? Each article should be consistant, but other than that I think it doesn't matter.
Readers come from everywhere, understanding is the key issue and "programme" vs "program" doesn't really sway that.

Of course, it is very important from the point of proof reading ;-)

de Bunker

I suppose we got to live with articles in either "style" in the English section. Although it is desirable for authors to make a choice, this also will be somewhat difficult for authors with a different native language than English, as we tend to pick up spellings from both British and American English, sometimes without quite being aware of that. (The remark in the first post - "until now we used to write British English" - is ample proof of that.... ;) )

de Bunker

Perhaps EW's best bet is to ascertain that English articles published will be comprehensible for readers, instead of giving priority to whatever centric povs.


Something for the programmers... Don't know if it's even possible, but I would suggest, you make the function buttons of this forum section in English too.


Of course it's possible... just change your Länguätsch in your profile (account settings) to english...
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Ei häv samm douts, sät se progrämmers of sis forum softwär aar rieding sis forum.


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I only understand railwaystation....

Lord Ahriman

Zitat von: Wirsing am 24. Oktober 2012, 19:48:43
I only understand railwaystation....

Hет. Я понимаю, единственная вокзал.