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Lord Ahriman

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A norwegian skeptical blog
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Lord Ahriman

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Re: A norwegian skeptical blog
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Interesting figures
22 Thursday, November 2012

Posted by 4brooker in MLM , Tax

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Tax lists

A few weeks ago, the tax lists made available to the Norwegian people. The media could end return figures to create leaderboards for income tax and wealth, and they've made many interesting lists of politicians, athletes, artists, lawyers, etc. However, no one has taken to create such a list of the most prominent people in the networking industry.

Many wonder enough maybe if it is really possible to become rich network marketing, while others suspect rife with tax evasion in this sector. Now the tax rolls completely clear their limitations in terms of reliability, for example. many of these other jobs as well. Such a list can still provide some indication of how things are.

The people on the list are from various reviews of successful networkers and key personalities in this environment. Where two people are listed together reflect the stated income is the average of these two.

... table with numbers follows ...