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Skyway bei Ethan Vanderbuilt
« am: 18. Oktober 2018, 18:00:39 »
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Ethan-Vanderbuilt - October 3rd, 2018 at 11:15 AM none Comment author #21352 on Skyway Capital/Skyway Group Warning Issued In New Zealand by Ethan Vanderbuilt
The Financial Market Authority FSMA of Belgium warns against SkyWay Capital and considers it an illegal pyramid scheme. Quote: “Moreover, the scheme proposed by SkyWay Capital is the characteristics of a pyramid scheme. ” [2]
The Central Bank of Lithuania warned in 2014 before the participating Euroasian Rail Skyway Systems Ltd. [3] [4]
Warning of the Financial Market Authority in Estonia: [5] In Estonia, First SkyWay Invest Group LTD may not sell any shares.
Warning of the Italian Stock Exchange Supervision: [6] A list of warnings issued by the Italian Stock Exchange Supervision includes First Skyway Invest Group Limited (Skyway Capital) and also refers to the notification of the Belgian FSMA. The Italian stock exchange supervision Consob forbade 2018 several SkyWay dealers any advertising measures for SkyWay plants. The Sky Way Invest Group is named. The activities are mentioned by Luca Stefanelli and Marco Torretta (for Skyway Capital). [7]
In Sweden, the Swedish Financial Market Authority warns before SkyWay: [8] “Investor alert: Euroasian Rail Skyway Systems Ltd” with reference to the National Bank of Lithuania.
The Finnish Financial Market Authority warns: [9]
Financial Market Authority Notice – Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA): [10]
Entry in the alert list of the Financial Market Authority of Greece: [11] Under entry number 2399 and date 19/9/2014, Euroasian Rail Skyway Systems Ltd. listed.
Warning of the Hungarian Central Bank: [12] In the warning list is the Euroasian Rail Skyway Systems Ltd. listed
Warning of the Bulgarian Financial Market Authority: [13] Entry in the warning list under no. 81: Euroasian Rail Skyway Systems Ltd.
There is also an entry in the International Association of Securities Commissions. Warning List of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO): [14] Currently listed on page 2, date 17 October 2017. It also publishes the PDF document of the Belgian FSMA. [15]
Public warning against Skyway by the Financial Markets Authority FMA in New Zealand
Official cessation of Skyway stores in Indonesia. Reason were various fraud allegations and investigations of financial supervision


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Re: Skyway bei Ethan Vanderbuilt
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