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MCS durch 3D-Drucker ausgelöst

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Begonnen von celsus, 15. Januar 2018, 12:56:10

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Diese Geschichte wurde mir inzwischen mehrfach in die Timeline gespült, ich habe sie bisher nur überflogen, aber es passt so vieles nicht zusammen. Deshalb lasse ich die mal hier zur weiteren Recherche.


ZitatI began experiencing illness associated with 3D printing, which is commonly misdiagnosed as the common cold, upper respiratory, or pneumonia; effectively pneumonia-like symptoms.

ZitatLets get a bit personal. I have never had issues with my teeth, pain, or sensitivity; I now have TMJ disorder, which ultra sucks, is difficult to resolve, and we're not entirely sure why.


ZitatI had one 3D printer, not a fablab containing of ten of them as many people do in the maker community. I ONLY printed with good quality PLA and the occasional exotic nylon; ABS, wood, and anything flexible was banned in my fablab from the beginning. Fumes were contained, scrubbed for nanoparticulates, and vented

ZitatNo air filter technology exists that can remove the nano-particles emitted by 3D printing technologies. 3M bio-weapons grade air filters allow particles nearly ten times larger than these ultra-fine particles (UFPs) to pass through them.

ZitatMy fablab has since been dismantled and decontaminated. Every non-essential plastic item in my house has been recycled and replaced it with glass. Heaps of detoxification tea, leafy greens, and rest were key to my recovery. I'm banned from most medications, hygiene products, glues (including those used in dentistry), plastics due to border-line sensitivity to monomers and polymers, paint, and many other daily items in the human environment.
The best thing about science is that it works - even if you don't believe in it.