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Begonnen von cohen, 15. Mai 2009, 08:32:28

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ZitatThe Truth About The Evils Of Vaccination

by Todd W

Before making any comments on how evil vaccines are and how they cause autism, please read the following. I apologize for the length, but the mouthpieces of the pro-disease anti-vax movement spout so much nonsense and misinformation.

A brief explanation of terms, added 4/30/09: After receiving some feedback on this post, I want to clear up my use of the terms "anti-vax" and "pro-disease". By anti-vax, I am referring to those individuals who actively argue that vaccines are bad and should be abandoned, as well as those whose arguments against vaccines have the effect of reducing vaccinations. I am not using the term to refer to the average person who may have questions or doubts about vaccines. I use "pro-disease", as well, because these people's actions are effectively working to bring diseases back into common circulation. In other words, by arguing against vaccines, they are effectively arguing for vaccine-preventable diseases. See the section on Vaccines in General, below, for more on how reduced vaccination rates lead to higher rates of vaccine-preventable diseases. While some may find these terms offensive, I am going to keep them in until I find a better term to describe the people involved. If you would like to give me feedback, click on my name at the bottom of this page.