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Deer tribe
« am: 28. Februar 2017, 14:22:14 »
I'm concerned about the influence this organisation is having over someone I know. He is becoming more and more self absorbed and inconsiderate, whilst saying that only deer tribe members have the right to comment on his choices. These include not changing underwear or washing clothes that are damp with sweat, to such an extent as becoming irate when his partner washes them without "his permission" as only he has the right to decide this. May seem trivial but difficult to live with. No action is worthwhile unless of benefit to him, other people's happiness or well being are their own responsibility and nothing to do with him. Can this really be the valid teachings? Scam or cult?  Especially as he has paid thousands of pounds for courses and is becoming alienated from family and friends who express concerns.
Thoughts and advice please.


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Re: Deer tribe
« Antwort #1 am: 28. Februar 2017, 20:15:18 »
Did you see the article on Deer Tribe in our English Wiki?
The article will answer your question whether Deer Tribe offers valid teachings: No, it does not. It is a cult trying to establish a system of control over its students, and a scam as it sells them sets of courses at exorbitant prices.

While I agree that the habits you describe make a person difficult to live with, Deer Tribe has a certain history of either drawing partners of students in as well, or if that does not work out, try and separate existing relationships and families. Refusal to change gear and underwear might fall into this category.


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Re: Deer tribe
« Antwort #2 am: 24. September 2017, 22:37:57 »
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