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Begonnen von cohen, 09. April 2009, 23:54:40

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Zitat...What can other students learn from my experience, which I am told by SBM veterans is not unique? Do not be afraid, but do be prepared. First, find allies among faculty as early as possible. I didn't mention it earlier, but I acted proactively by visiting the administrator myself before the other students did, which enabled me to present my framing first (free speech, scientific standards) and gauge how he might react to their complaints. I chose a few other influential faculty and sent them my post; the more positive responses I got, the more confident I became that I would have local supporters if a credible threat materialized. Second, if you write publicly, be familiar with how to write opinion critiques in a way that is not defamatory. I was not exactly accused of libel, but it was hinted at, and I felt much more secure after getting advice from friend and family lawyers. In the event of an actual lawsuit, the SBM docs know organizations that help students or bloggers threatened with speech suppression. Third, when you are in the right, hold true to your principles! Apparently sometimes complaints will be nothing more than groundless bullying. A community like SBM can be a great source of strength.

I do not tell this story for retaliation or in defensiveness, but simply to show that I will not be cowed by unreasonable demands. I am of course still willing to hear complaints or corrections, and I will respond appropriately; I have no desire to be malicious or misleading. I have a great desire, however, to discuss and debate ideas relevent to the practice of medicine, and in that spirit I welcome anyone who would refute me with persuasive arguments.

To the editors and staff of SBM: I thank each of you very mu


As I have been told, the UK has very libel-friendly laws - similar to Germany. The US is different, though. Truth is an absolute defense, meaning - you may pretty much say whatever you want about any subject as long as it is true.

Still, very interesting experience and I presume plenty of bloggers or active participants in internet discussions can relate to that.