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Begonnen von diamat, 14. November 2013, 16:30:53

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Well guys,

here's a chance that you probably don't wanna miss: You can invest in a documentary film featuring ...

Shamans, indigenous Medicine Men, a Qi Grandmaster, Hindu Priests and the Sardinian secret of human longevity. The exciting and dramatic stories of these people will also be linked to science. From neurobiology to epigenetics, ethnobotanics to quantum physics as well as the latest discoveries in water research.

I'm sure you will have fun, so just head over to


ZitatI'm sure you will have fun
ZitatThe renound mind-body and health researcher, Professor MD Tobias Esch of The Neuroscience Research Institute, State University New York and Harvard Medical School. Prof. MD Tobias Esch is practising, teaching and researching in Mind-Body medicine and Stressreduction. The concept is based on techniques e.g. of Tai Qi, Qi Gong, Meditation and Spirituality.

ZitatProf. Dr. MD Matthias Heiliger. Is a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, endocrinology as well as the energy and information medicines.

Stephanie Heiliger. SCIO Specialist (SCIO developed by a former NASA physicist. Prof. Dr. Nelson programmed several worldwide healing methods into the device.)
With magic, you start with a frog and end up with a prince.
With science, you start with a frog, get a PhD and are still left with the frog you started with...

Terry Pratchett