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World Education Institute

The World Education Institute was established with the launch of the Oxford Martin School in 2005. Under the leadership of co-Directors, Dr Angus Hawkins and Dr Tom Benson, the Institute aimed to develop and coordinate research activities across the Oxford Martin School, and to coordinate education and outreach activities for the leaders from the across the global public, business and voluntary sectors.

In 2007, the Institute was closed down in Oxford, and the concept evolved to develop the World Leadership Corps, a programme for recruiting, training and deplying volunteers in developing countries, with the aim of preparing future leaders for the challenges in the 21st century.  Dr Angus Hawkins continues related work as Director of International Programmes in Oxford's Department for Continuing Education.


Well - you open the box and find another box...

and another one...or even two:

Zitat. Investigating how activity in the prefrontal cortex is regulated by brain transmitters
The prefrontal cortex (PFC) is a region of the brain that is found right at the front, just behind your eyes. It is extremely well developed and very large in humans, as can be seen by comparing the size of the PFC with that of other animals (see picture). One important job of the PFC is to plan for the future, and a key component of this is to consider the potential long-term benefits of short-term losses. In children the PFC isn't very well developed (it only matures when we reach our 20s) and, therefore, children and teenagers are sometimes bad at making careful, deliberated decisions about the future. Overall, the PFC plays a role in regulating mood, thoughts and behaviour by using our prior experiences and knowledge to inhibit inappropriate actions and plan effective ones

Lovely pictures of brain development ...whatever will be, will be...the best is jet to come, I guess... ::)
...As yet however there is no effective treatment for either curing or even stabilizing these conditions, nor indeed is the underlying neuronal mechanism known that could be responsible for the characteristic, remorseless loss of neurons in selective regions of the brain. A highly novel idea however, developed in our lab, is that Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases might both have the same primary cause...

I appreciate that!!
Very keen to read about Nobel Price ?!


ZitatMeasurement of dopamine release 'on-line' from brain slices using fast scan cyclic voltammetry. Real time monitoring of release of a protein from the brain. Electrophysiological recording from brain slices in vitro and substantia nigra in vivo in both physiological and pathological conditions. Study of mechanisms underlying regeneration and development of the pathway lost in Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease, using organotypic co-cultures Organotypic tissue culture.

;D ;D ;D

Sounds familiar to me...