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BMJ: Edzard Ernst: the prince and me

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Edzard Ernst: the prince and me
As he steps down from his post as the UK's first professor of complementary medicine, Edzard
Ernst talks to David Cohen about homoeopathy, university politics, and Prince Charles

David Cohen freelance journalist

"I'm not as undiplomatic as I look," says Edzard Ernst. Sat in
the conservatory of his seaside home by the Suffolk coast,
Britain's first professor of complementary medicine does seem
to be a picture of polite gentility. Not so a few days earlier when,
at a press conference in London, he branded Prince Charles a
snakeoil salesman for promoting homoeopathy. The statement
made headlines across the world. Ernst chuckles at the mention
of this. "I know what I'mdoing and I do it on purpose," he says.
"I'm not against royalty, I'm just confrontational with Prince
Charles because he is speaking out of his proverbial when it
comes to medicine and science."...