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Brian Cox und die Astrologen

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Begonnen von Skeptomai, 09. April 2010, 14:23:27

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Zitat von: Brian CoxNow, Jupiter is so different to our planet... a big ball of gas half a billion kms away. It's difficult to see how it could have anything to do with us at all. But despite the fact that astrology is a load of rubbish, Jupiter can in fact, have a profound influence on our planet. And it's through a force ... gravity."

Die Reaktion eines Astrologen darauf:
ZitatHas he done any empirical studies? Has he explored his birth chart? Can he cite any scientific studies disproving astrology that are not fundamentally flawed? Of course not. I have certainly never seen him at an astrology conference or read anything written by him about astrology. Cox is simply not qualified to speak on astrology and his comments amount to no more than prejudice.



Lustige Idee. Man muß erstmal 4 Jahre Feeologie studiert haben, bevor man sagen darf, dass der Glaube an Feen Unsinn ist :-)

Graf Zahl

Der Astrologe hat recht, denn er legt ja seine Frühstückseier auch selbst.