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Begonnen von ApooftGnegiol, 04. März 2022, 21:04:11

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Over the past year, I've been rewriting and expanding the RationalWiki article on Laura Knight-Jadczyk. The much shorter old version was linked to in Psiram's articles on (de) and on LKJ (fr), and the new version also contains things I think you may find relevant for that on her Cassiopaean channeling and community (fr). It's grown as sections have been added for a variety of smaller topics, about the message and activities of that online community. It also puts into context.

I've looked more deeply into the Cassiopaea online community, and it's really many things all tangled up in a personality cult spider web. is really, even though it is fake news, the most normal-looking side of the community. Back in the early 00s, there was also a "Quantum Future School" as an email group offering "a radical revival of the ancient secrets of enlightenment". Since 2009, it's been replaced with a "PaleoChristian" religion claiming to essentially be a Christianity older than Christ in modern form, with a channeled breathing and meditation technique "older than the Vedas". All of this must be understood in the context that, in 1994, a prophecy was channeled that within around 13 years of then (2007), 94% of humanity would be totally consumed by evil aliens. Going by a 2009 message, nearly all in this world will have their souls smashed and all the energy eaten by evil aliens. There is only one source of light and goodness and beauty in this world, and, well, as of 2011 it's clear who that is.

But your French article on the Cassiopaeans has some flaws which I think are worth pointing out. I'm guessing it hasn't been given much attention, because it doesn't really read like a skeptical article. It contains too much spiritualist-vs.-spiritualist gossip, and also relies on another occultist charlatan, Vincent Bridges, as a source. Bridges used to be in a big online feud with LKJ until after he died and some of his works went offline, and for a number of years, his message was the most visible of the bolder claims that LKJ's community is a cult, but Bridges didn't care to be truthful about details. But nowadays, it's easy to paint a picture of the cult as a cult using only good sources -- you can even do it using only as a source -- because the craziest stuff has mostly all been proudly put on display by LKJ's personality cult for years, as evidence that they are right and the rest of the world is wrong. LKJ's view is that inside her community, "either there is consensus or there is pathology", but as for the larger world vs. her group, it's instead the opposite, they are the only ones "healthy and normal".

I haven't added anything yet about the current 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine to the RationalWiki article. I still don't know what to write about it, and it's related to other past themes and almost certainly future ones too. But the short version is, LKJ's now channeled messages claiming that Putin is doing the world a service by killing psychopaths in Ukraine, and that Ukraine contains a portal used by evil aliens to download themselves into 17% of Ukrainians. But on, much more normal pro-Russian propaganda can be found. That's normally the case, the craziest stuff is on their forum.

The part about "Psychopaths and ponerology" in my article is probably the best to look at for a very quick view of the full paranoia underlying everything. If you come across mentions of "Political Ponerology" ('s message about that book and the cult's version of its ideas have been picked up here and there on "alternative" websites) and wonder about it, that's also something I try to clarify (with a separate essay too), based on having actually read it. Long story short, the book's ideas, if actually approached with some basic intellectual honesty (that's a very important distinction), suggest the alt-right world and also LKJ and her operations are dangerously personality-disordered. But the cult prefers to mention and quote the book while ranting about everyone else being psychopaths, and other alt-righters sometimes find that appealing and begin to imitate it.


Thank you very much for your effort! It is very appreciated.


Update after over a year... I've broadened my focus over time, covering some related New Age and conspiracy theory things. I'll put it all here for now instead of making new thread(s).

The most general thing I wrote is a little article on "conspirituality" (conspiracy-spirituality), which seems like a possible topic for Psiram (in German apparently "Konspiritualität"). The word appeared in many English-language news articles when QAnon and New Age and alternative medicine combined into one big fuzzy thing in many places during the COVID-19 pandemic. (I know you've had that happen in Germany too.) The curious double-role of the person who academically coined the term is something that seems very rarely mentioned.

Back to LKJ et al in particular, there's several online personalities who've copied large parts of their messages from them, usually becoming bitter competitors with LKJ et al in terms of spreading similar teachings. I've now briefly covered Tom "Montalk" (, who is among the oldest and most well-known. Maybe I'll also cover Bernhard Guenther (, who is another person of that type with more of an alternative medicine focus (and who also goes much heavier on marketing and selling things). They both have in common a main message of "teaching" people who listen to them how to "transcend the Matrix" (you know the movie) by filling their minds with false hopes and fears.

On the more easy-going side of things, I've also written about the Ra Material or Law of One -- a 1980s channeled material which is an unusually themed and styled hippie-like love-and-light teaching. Learn about how the pyramids were really made, along with spiritual evolution. There's a connection with the Cassiopaean channeling (LKJ's work), in that the latter claims to be related to the Ra channeling, but people who trust Ra more are wary of the Cassiopaeans.

(Ra also claimed that sinister forces are found in Cassiopeia, which I should probably add a mention of. Coincidence or not, in the early 1980s, a French sci-fi cartoon widely seen in many languages also depicted Cassiopeians as a futuristic mixture of Roman Empire and Nazis -- they use a 'W' instead of a swastika, and eventually break away from an interstellar union of worlds to become the clownish main villains of the story.)

Finally, that book Political Ponerology which I mentioned before is not so good. It turns out to simultaneously echo older far-right themes and paranoia in ways that I've since read more about and had some discussions about, and now that essay is more critical, with more to come.