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I think my dad is getting scammed by Skyway Capital

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Begonnen von jacobfrey121, 01. Juni 2020, 17:51:58

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Hi guys, so I think my dad's in trouble. He got approached by a guy from Skyway Capital. It's apparently a Russian company building transportation of the future. What do they ask? Well to invest in shares. You can also ask other people to become partners and they'll be put underneath you. Which I presume is a pyramid system. Do you guys know more about Skyway Capital? Are my concerns true?


Currently we have a German article about Skyway. You can translate it in good quality with

Please have a look at the weblinks section. Especially allmystery (German) and (Russian) have a lot of information about the Skyway scam.
The best thing about science is that it works - even if you don't believe in it.


hatte gerade ein ähnliches Problem mit meinen Eltern.

Was mir geholfen hat, meine Eltern zu überzeugen, war, dass sie zumindest hier keinen Vertrag für die Zahlungen angeboten haben.

Und ich fand und schrieb in den Medien über den Mann hinter dem Unternehmen, der des Betrugs beschuldigt wurde.
*Spam entfernt*


Vielen dank ?elsus, für sehr nützliche links.


There are lots of issue concerning the Skyway Capital lately, have you tried contacting them to verify that incident?


Ach, was weiß denn ich ...