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Autor Thema: The Advertiser from Australia about the Skyway Scam  (Gelesen 4933 mal)


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The Advertiser from Australia about the Skyway Scam
« am: 25. Februar 2019, 02:51:38 »
Warnings mount as it all looks like pie in the SkyWay
The Advertiser23 Feb 2019

THERE was an event held in Dubai last week called the World Government Summit which was attended by Belarussian inventor and engineer Anatoly Yunitskiy.

He is the brains behind the SkyWay concept, which was proposed as a transport solution for Adelaide’s streets. Think autonomous trams in the air, travelling at 150km/h.

The SkyWay concept was given credence in Adelaide because it was backed by the well-regarded former Transport Department chief Rod Hook. But after a couple of years of spruiking, the idea died in August when Hook conceded Yunitskiy had taken the concept to the United Arab Emirates. But it’s possible it was a lucky escape for Hook.

So far Belgium, New Zealand, Lithuania and Estonia have issued warnings to potential investors not to get involved with SkyWay. “The scheme proposed by SkyWay Capital exhibits the characteristics of a pyramid scheme,’’ Belgium’s Financial Services Markets Authority said in a statement.

SkyWay’s website is an interesting read. Like many toogood-to-be-true investments it offers remarkable returns.

“Increase your investments up to 1000 per cent or more in 3-5 years,’’ it says. SkyWay also claims to have $400 billion in pre-order contracts. An email to SkyWay asking it to detail the contracts went unanswered. Initially, punters are asked to stump up money in a crowd-funding exercise. The promise is the initial investment will become shares when SkyWay lists on the London Stock Exchange.

Hook told Off the Record he had lost no money and didn’t believe it was a pyramid scheme. He also believed the engineering was sound, although he thought Yunitsky lacked “commercial sense’’.


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Re: The Advertiser from Australia about the Skyway Scam
« Antwort #1 am: 04. März 2019, 17:42:42 »
A comment from the editwar some scammers waging at Wikipedia....for Skyway

Here is a concise summary of the most important facts in the article:

Anatoly Yunitsky is the director of the SkyWay group which has companies registered under a wide variety of business names in London, Minsk and the Virgin Islands (a well-known tax haven).
SkyWay has never realised an actual project anywhere. Existing proof consists of computer-generated images and a demonstration model in Belarus.
It’s currently illegal for any of the SkyWay group to sell shares in Australia, Canada, Japan, Russia and the United States.
There were many other SkyWay companies around the world promoting this technology which have since been dissolved. Current directors of the company deny having been involved with any of them.
India and Lithuania have been involved in shady financial dealings with the SkyWay group. In 2017 a proposed project in Lithuania was suspected of financial fraud through the illegal sale of shares, and was cancelled. In May 2017, however, the investigations were stopped after they decided they couldn’t prosecute the company.
In 2007 and 2018 specialists of the Moscow State University of Railway Engineering gave a negative assessment of this technology. In 2010 a project was cancelled in Australia before the planning started.
The companies have applied controversial ‘crowdfunding’ techniques since 2014. They make lofty claims to individual citizens and promise extremely lucrative returns at some unspecified time in the future if you invest your money today.
In January 2018 The Italian Companies and Exchange Commission CONFOB – a governmental organisation – banned the advertisement and sale of SkyWay shares in Italy.
There are precedents in the past for questionable investments of foreigners in Italian infrastructure, including Indian and Arab investors whose projects were suspended.
The mayor of Messina has been discussing possible collaborations with the SkyWay group as part of his electoral campaign.