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Climate collapse in full force now!

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Begonnen von Yadgar, 21. August 2022, 04:19:59

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Most of us will perish in scorching heat waves lasting for months and months during the coming years! And if it would not be the heat that kills us, then most likely starvation and/or dehydration or even cannibalism - when the entire agricultural food supply chain collapses due to unviable climatic conditions, human meat will be the last resort.

Parents, be prepared to kill and eat your children... children, be prepared to kill and eat your parents... friends and neighbors, be prepared to kill and eat yourselves mutually, lovers and loved ones, be prepared to kill and eat yourselves mutually... a global Holodomor.

And there will be no God, no Jesus Christ, no Mahdi, no Messiah, no Saoshyant, no Maitreya to save us, as they are all just delusions of the human brain which desperately wants to hope, to believe - but there is no hope. Face it.

Perish, human race!

Millions and millions of years from now, eventually some other species might evolve into sapient beings, and the whole senseless dance begins once more... and so in countless livable locations throughout the Universe, until the last red dwarf stars have faded to blackness.

Yes, Arthur Schopenhauer was so right...


Yadgar goes Weltbühne. Or is it Weltherrschaft?
Wollte ich nur mal gesagt haben!