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Autor Thema: This herbal medicine, Topvein is 99% effective against all HIV-1 subtypes ...  (Gelesen 1793 mal)


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Topvein, the natural herbal AIDS CURE gets rid of all opportunistic infections (Viral load) responsible for all the 35 opportunistic diseases found in the AIDS spectrum thereby preventing the occurrence of AIDS, reversing full blown AIDS and preventing subsequent death.

Topvein restores ones natural immunity by naturally growing and increasing ones natural CD4 count without side effects and getting rid of all toxins from the blood system and vital organs.

It kills the actual cause (infections) of all complications seen in AIDS or AIDS Related Complexes (ARC) by going deep in the very places of the body largely attacked by opportunistic infections.
Man braucht vor der Liebe Gottes keine Angst zu haben. Er hat seit 2.000 Jahren niemand mehr geschwängert.


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Und zusammen mit dem wird niemand mehr sterben: Bio_Terrorism Safety Kit. Möcht nur wissen wie die an Pocken Viren herangekommen sind.

Bio-Organism Prophylactics Kit

Kit Contents

Cholera-30c...intestinal bacteria
Anthrax 30c...burning/swell/gangrene/lungs
Bubonic Plague-30c...Plague
Poison gas-30c...sinus/lungs
Dengue Fever-30c...Fever
Staphlococcus-30c...staph or other infection
Variolinum-30c...Small pox

For epidemics: use the cap of the bottle, place 1 pellet on the tongue and allow to dissolve before eating or drinking, 1x/day.

As a prophylactic, place 1 pellet on tongue and take 1x/week for 3 weeks, then stop. Repeat if epidemic arises. Do Not touch remedies with hands, use lid of vial Stop if any unusual symptoms arise.

Natural antibiotics: Grapefruit seed extract; Olive leaf; Oregano Oil; Ionic Silver and Zinc; Honey; BHT